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The Long Way to Windows Container on Amazon EKS: VPC Resource Controller

Amazon EKS, which was previously called Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, is the managed Kubernetes service of theirs. We already have some services (Linux containers) running on production environments for while. It is battle-tested and works well if you ask me.

Due to the characteristic of several Windows-based services that are unlikely to run on other platforms in the foreseeable future, we have been discussing the feasibility of running Windows Containers on EKS.

Keep your promises with Bluebird

Bluebird is a promise library I’ve used for almost every project. I remember when I was learning promise a few years ago, it took me a while to understand it.

One day, I was searching for some related materials, I found Bluebird. I was wondering what’s the reason for using a third party library when Node.js already has native Promise support at that point? Well, it turns out there are plenty. Although some of its features can be achieved with today’s Node.js, bluebird still can give you a lot of benefits.

Passed AWS Certified Developer - Associate

I quit my job before Chinese New Year. Days after that are just plain boring and anxious. It’s basically endless interviews and waiting for the results. I gotta say life like that is not really productive.

It became even more boring when the Chinese New Year vacation started. Almost entire country is not working, let alone interviewing. In order to kill some time, I decided to prepare for AWS certifications. It’s funny becuase the last time I saw someone having AWS certifications is on one of the interviewers’ blog. I wasn’t sure whether it’s useful or not. But it wouldn’t hurt to get one.

Started a Blog Again

I can’t remember how many times I started a blog. It’s just like new year resolutions, it sounds good and you are so motivated at first, until the passtion is gone (which is way faster than you think).

Anyway, here I am, started another blog. This blog will mainly focus on technical things (if these are technical enough 🤷‍♂️) and some life thoughts, and some notes/reflections while I am learning new things.